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Reduce Eliminate Plastic Packaging

Otazen Packaging Procedure

Reduce and Eliminate Plastic Packaging
Drop Test Guaranteed
Floating System
Box Marker Certificate KRAFT 275
Reduce the Carbon Footprint of the environment of raw materials and respect for the environment.


Otazen uses a recyclable and biodegradable material for the packaging.

All the packaging of our products is made with paper and cardboard, not using plastic packaging material anymore as part of the zero waste campaign.

Plastic Bag

Single Face Cover

Plastic Foams

Cardboard Alternatives

Plastic Straps

Paper Seal

Mandatory Marks

Box Certificate

Empty Space for Product Reference

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Handle Instructions

Dining Chair
KRAFT 275 Box.

Lounge Chair
KRAFT 275 Box.

Dining Chair
KRAFT 275 Box.

KRAFT 275 Box.

KRAFT 275 Box.

Calculate-Reduce-Offset The Carbon Footprint


Calculate the tons of CO2 emitted by Otazen, and see how it can be reduced.

  • Mileage of workers and suppliers
  • Fossil fuel consumption in factory/offices
  • Emissions from air-conditioner
  • Bussines Trips
  • Etc.


Bring production closer to reduce CO2 and GHG emissions.

  • Optimize transportation
  • Study equipment with fewer emissions
  • Adopt energy efficiency measures


Compensate CO2 and GHG emissions that cannot be eliminated in certified projects.

For example, Otazen are in associations with Local Asspciations called "Rimba Raya" to replant teak.

More and more importance is given to sustainability and it will be a differentiating point in short time.

Life Cycle Analysis

Recycled & Recyclable

Sustainable company, net in CO2 emissions.





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